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Aaron Bellmore

Aaron Bellmore was raised on Vancouver Island and, after high school, headed up north to Grande Prairie, Alberta. After being introduced to the oil field, he worked several jobs and attended college, adding to his knowledge and experience in the Peace Region. This vibrant area offered not only experience in the energy sector, but also valuable business experience. Near the end of his oil field career and at the beginning of his real estate career, he completed his Red Seal Journeyman certificate as a ticketed steamfitter/pipefitter. After getting this ticket, he needed a wall to hang it on and began a real estate investing company called Fresh Coast Investments Inc. His growing company currently holds over $13 million in residential real estate, serving many investor partners, tenants, employees and other businesses. Aaron has been self-managing these properties from the start and, with the help of his in-house management team, now runs a very active, fully furnished and all-included rental business throughout Grande Prairie.

Aaron is passionate about helping people invest in real estate and providing furnished rentals for those currently working in the oil field or anywhere in the growing Peace Region. He and his spouse were also the founding members of Business Networking International (BNI) in Grande Prairie. He now lives back on Vancouver Island with his spouse and three children, enjoying the outdoors, swimming, snowboarding and exercising in his free time. He also hosts a monthly cash flow game night about financial freedom, which he has been doing for over nine years. Aaron is happy to share his knowledge and is grateful to have had so many great people around him along the way.

In addition to the hands-on experience that buying and managing properties has given him over the last 13 years, Aaron has been continuously educating himself and seeking the advice of professionals through his membership with the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN), coaches and other mentors in his field. He has taken courses in landlording secrets, joint venture real estate, multi-family investing, rent to own, lease options and referral marketing. He is also a Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA). Aaron has written a book and puts out a monthly newsletter to his contact list to stay in touch and keep them educated. He has found that out of all the investment options available, real estate buy and hold – although slow – is the surest way to show his investing partners the best return and build long-term sustainable wealth. By adding the furnished aspect to this strategy, it also makes it lucrative in the short term by charging a premium and operating in a more niche market serving those looking to save money on hotels and enjoy the comforts of home.

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What Could Go Wrong

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